Chiesina di Lacona

Chiesina di Lacona

Chiesina di Lacona owes its name to the church, the Madonna della Neve, which dominates all the vineyards of the property. The company was bought in 1947 by the maternal great-grandfather. The land extends to about 20 hectares, only half an hectare was planted with vineyards where the variaties were Trebbianco and Biancone di Portoferraio.

Over the generations, the land was inherited by Maria Alessandra, who moved to Elba in 1976 with Claudio, an agronomist, to give a proper wine direction to the farm. Since 1996, Filippo, their son, began to collaborate especially during the harvest periods. Since 1996, Filippo, their son, began to collaborate especially during the harvest periods. The area covered in vineyards was increased to the current 9 hectares with the varieties: procanico, sangiovese, ansonica and aleatico, the first to be planted, to which were added vermentino, viognier and syrah where added.

Until 2018 the farm proceeded by selling the grapes to other wineries, therefore economic and organizational sustainability placed the family at a crossroads: sell the company, rent the wineyards to third parties or relaunch the company by starting to produce and market their wines

It is here that Filippo Alampi takes the field by embracing the third hypothersis and relaunching the farm.

He was born in Adria(Rovigo) in 1976, arrived in Florence in 1981 and had an itinerant training. However it is on Elba Island that he took his first steps in the agricultural sector, working together with the collaborators of the family business (later Chiesina di Lacona) and taking the exam for the qualification as commercial farming operations (Imprenditore agricolo professionale – IAP)

He has been in charge of Fattoria Ramerino in Bagno a Ripoli(FI) since 2000. He personally follows all the stages from the production to the extraction, until obtaining a high quality organic extra virgin olive oil which is marketed in various labels in Italy and abroad.

With the 2019 harvest Chiesina di Lacona is the brand that Filippo Alampi has chosen for the Elban reality of which he became the owner. Supported by his father agronomist, the oenologist Saettini and precious collaborators, he once again proposed the qualitative challenge in the oenological field undertaken for some time now with his established olive farm, giving rise to a modern and dynamic reality


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