Ansonica dell’elba DOC

From the grapes of one of the most representative Elba varieties, the Ansonica dell’Elba DOC is the paladin of territoriality, golden yellow with an intense and articulated fragrance, an intriguing drink faithful to the varietal profile. A wine that is already the story of the island.




Ansonica 100%


Ansonica Dell’Elba DOC

Soil type

Rocky, clay and sandy soil, originating from rock erosion and fluvial processes.

Growth method

Vines trained using Guyot and spurred cordon systems.

Harvest period

Late September

Harvest Method

Manual in ventilated crates


The grapes, selected on the vine, are de-stemmed and allowed to macerate in the press for several hours; following a soft pressing, the must is decanted cold into steel tanks, before being fermented in a controlled temperature between 16 and 18°C. There is no malolactic fermentation.


The wine is aged “sur lies” firstly in inox steel tanks and then in steam bent and only slightly toasted well aged French oak barrels.

Sensory Notes:

Golden yellow with greenish reflections, the bouquet is enveloping with delicate hints of lily of the valley eucalyptus and linden flowers which are articulated with fruity sensations of crunchy yellow apple and light citrus accents with woody contours. The taste is voluminous and elegant, characterized by the dense touch of velvety tannins. The sweet savory finish is very long with hints of boxwood and white peach.

Serving temperature


Ansonica Dell’Elba DOC

Chiesina di Lacona

The Ansonica dell’Elba DOC is one of the most important references of the company, offshoot of one of the most representative vines of Elba. From 100% Ansonica grapes, selected, destemmed and macerated for a few hours before a gentle pressing, the must ferments and ages in French oak and steel barriques, sur lies until bottling.

It is perfect in combination with fish first courses, cacciucchi, risotto with vegetables, second courses of baked, fried or grilled fish, white meats and aged cheeses.

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