Aleatico passito dell’Elba DOCG

500ml bottle

The Aleatico Passito dell’Elba DOCG is the wine that represents the island beyond all borders, iconic and identifying, created in the vision of pleasantness and balance. It has an intense bouquet and a velvety taste and it is perfect with desserts, cheeses or as a meditation wine






Aleatico Passito Dell’Elba DOCG

Soil type

Rocky, clay and sandy soil, originating from rock erosion and fluvial processes.

Growth method

Vines trained using Guyot and spurred cordon systems.

Harvest period

Mid September

Harvest Method

Manual in ventilated crates


The grapes, selected on the plant, are placed on a single level in small ventilated boxes and dried naturally in the shade in a room exposed to the daily breezes. Once the desired level of drying is reached, it is destemmed manually and fermented at a controlled temperature. The malolactic fermentation was carried out at the beginning of fermentation. The extraction processes were carried out through manual punching down. The maceration lasted 4 weeks. After soft pressing, the pressed grapes were separated.


The wine is aged in small 110 liter French oak barriques and in steel tanks sur lies (on its fine lees) until bottling.

Sensory Notes:

Deep ruby red with purple reflections, the bouquet is extremely intense with notes of black cherry in alcohol, cinnamon, candied orange, pot-purrie and tamarind syrup. On the palate it enters broad, sweet, creamy and velvety, with a very dense and soft tannic texture. The taste is made vibrant by a marked acidity that supports it up to the salty closure of Mediterranean scrub with floral returns of jasmine and fruity cedar and carob.

Serving temperature


Aleatico Passito Dell’Elba DOCG

Chiesina di Lacona

Iconic and identifying, the Aleatico Passito dell’Elba is the DOCG that represents the island beyond all borders, created in the vision of pleasantness and balance, of a flavour that invites you to take another sip. The grapes, selected on the plant, are dried in small ventilated boxes, in the shade of a barn exposed to the island breezes; once destemmed it is fermented at a controlled temperature, with manual punching down. The maceration lasts at least four weeks and the refinement takes place partly in barriques and partly in steel, sur lies.

It is perfect as a meditation wine or combined with spoon desserts, pastries, fruit tarts, dark chocolate, aged and blue cheeses, gourmet dishes based on sour cheeses.


2022 Bibenda: 4 grappoli
2022 Veronelli: 89/100
2021 Gambero rosso: 2 bicchieri
2020 Vini buoni: Vini da non perdere
2020 Bibenda: 3 grappoli
2020 Veronelli: 90/100
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