Red Berries tasting box

Our trio of reds. With this box you can taste our red berried wines.

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Contenuto della box


Elba Rosso DOC

Red standard bearer of Elba enology, made mainly from Sangiovese grapes, Elba Rosso DOC has an elegant profile and insular temperament, the tannic texture is refined and the fruit is full, the character is versatile even in terms of pairings.

Elba Rosato DOC

With a bright cherry color, Elba Rosato DOC has an immediate bouquet of wild strawberry and orange blossom, a generous sip gives a balance between sweetness and flavor with rich progression. It is fresh and full of character, as well as versitile in its pairings.

Aleatico passito dell’Elba DOCG

The Aleatico Passito dell'Elba DOCG is the wine that represents the island beyond all borders, iconic and identifying, created in the vision of pleasantness and balance. It has an intense bouquet and a velvety taste and it is perfect with desserts, cheeses or as a meditation wine

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